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Over 20 Professional Website Templates Designs:
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Website User Guide

Website User Guide

After logging via the email link, you will see the above page. There are 4 main components:


1. Your Properties:

Toggle between the different websites for your various properties


2. Customize your Website:

Click “Edit Website” and you will see a menu with different options. Commonly used ones include:


Update the description, # of bedrooms, price, year built, sq footage, and others

Photo Gallery:

Add, hide, and re-arrange your property’s photos

Video & 3D Tours

Change the location(s) on your website the video appears


Change the background music of the website

Docs & Floorplans

Upload files that can be downloaded through your website


Change the logo and template of your website. There are over 20 professional looking templates to choose from

Listing Agents

Create additional listing agents or administrators who will receive access for your website and/or appear on your site as a secondary listing agent


Ready-made templates you can automatically generate your property photos into


3. Stats & Leads:

See the traffic information regarding your site; share this with with your clients


4. Download Files:

Download your multimedia files and documents here

If you have any questions please contact us for more information:

[email protected] or 416-272-8335